We are ready to take on your stage!!

As an international act , we are ready to go and bring the house down.  Playing alongside Mark…

Peter Weissink is a fantastic, well-rounded drummer.  Starting out banging on pots and pans, music has always been Peter’s greatest passion!  Having spent a lot of time in marching and street bands, he has a very well developed  drum technique.

Aside from 3 lessons, he is a self-taught drummer. At the age of 15 he began his musical performing journey in theaters and musical productions. Later on, Peter also started playing  in some heavier pop, rock and blues bands.  This led him to playing professionally in well-known  bands and orchestras, covering a wide range of styles.  During this period, he has accompanied both national and international artists, as well as doing studio recordings for various projects.

Next to his stage activities, Peter is doing a lot of recording and also teaches at his own drum school as well as teaching at the ArtEZ Conservatory.

In live performances, Peter is a rock solid drummer that brings a unique level of energy and enthusiasm to the stage.


Wolfgang Roggenkamp  plays the Hammond B3.
He began his career at the age of 16 and since then he has worked with artists like Peter O´Mara, Stan Webb, Luther Allison, Nippy Noya, Prince Robinson, Kenny Wheeler, Ben Becker, Nina Hoss, Jeanne Carroll, Torsten deWinkel, Helmut Hattler, Pete York, John Schröder, Sebastian Studnitzky, Jens Winther, Önder Foczan, Suat Borazan, Allen Blairman, Jan Akkerman and many others.

Wolfgang  has recorded and toured in South America, Cuba, Caribbean, Europe, Indonesia, Africa and the USA.
He´s known for his instrumental versatility and his love for different music genres. In 2000 he moved to Berlin and has worked in hundreds of musical settings and shows there. He has recorded on over 40 albums.

Wolfgang is able to add the extra depth to the music with his excellent chording skills and inventive lead lines.  His playing and stage presence speaks pleasure meets passion.



Dave Breidenbach is the ACE on the bass.  Dave has studied bass guitar and double bass at the conservatory of Maastricht and Utrecht and has been working as a freelance musician for years at home and abroad.

As a well-rounded session musician, he is often hired for studio work and live performances.  Dave has worked with artists like Hind, Karsu, Jamal Thomas, Gare du Nord and Ruth Jacott to name a few. 

His vision of playing music is based on communication and interaction. “When musicians are open to each other’s ideas and can communicate while playing, the music can be taken to a higher level.” 

This is exaclty what Dave does with his nuances on his six-string bass guitar.  He is able to tastefully lift up the music while endorsing a super tight groove that makes you want to move.